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Anthony Waller

Anthony Waller has been a keen sketch artist and painter for over 50 years and a professional artist for nearly 40, after leaving first the armed forces and then a successful advertising career in 1976. Inspired by the countryside around him, he has had work exhibited by the Royal Institute of Painters and regularly sells out exhibitions around the UK. Anthony has recently retired from full-time painting, but is still creating work in his Hertfordshire studio, where he has branched out into oils and acrylics. As such prints of his watercolours are very desirable and the rich almost photographic quality of his landscapes is testament to his skill and popularity.
Anthony Waller’s inspiration comes not only from the countryside he finds himself in but also through photographic landscapes and he cites his inspiration best in his own words. ‘As well as painting I have a passion for photography, in particular wild life and nature. I love recreating the beauty and character I see in these photographs into my own painterly style.’ This explains why Anthony’s work draws strong comparison to landscape photographers, particularly through his use of light and cloud formations. This is juxtaposed with the bold abstract depiction of ‘modernity’ or rather human incursion.
The coastal town scenes which are a centre piece of Anthony Waller’s output show buildings which are depicted with stark simplicity compared to the natural world around them, in a similar way to the work of Lowry, where the seasonality and atmosphere of the scene is created through the use of attention to detail and also the right amount of simplicity. His background as a sketch artist is shown through the figurative detail of buildings and boats. Anthony is also influenced by a great tradition of British watercolourists, particularly through his use of colour and subject matter, but he has a style all of his own. Waller’s palette is very varied, as a landscape artist he fuses many hues to create beautiful skies and lilting seas, white sand beaches and fluttering fields of corn. His more muted pieces give a nod to Turner with dusky skies touching the landscape with ochre, brown, grey and blue.
There are only a few of Anthony’s pieces still available to the public, such is his popularity, but these pieces range widely in style from the intricate detail of White Sands to the colourful burst of Balloon Fayre. 
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