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Assaf Frank


Assaf Frank ended a seventeen-year career in IT to focus on his passion, photography. For nearly a decade now he has been producing amazing landscapes and travel photography using post-production techniques from his days in IT and with a depth of field which is unique, making his subjects blurred and vivid in the same image.


Assaf has travelled the world and always has his camera with him. His travels in New York City have produced some amazing iconic images of Manhattan and Central Park. Central Park Reflections shows his ability to harness an image and create an other-worldly element to it, with the city lights glinting and refracting in the limpid waters of Central Park’s lake. New York City Lights frames the Empire State Building in the glow of the city below framed by a slate grey sky. The image looks almost as if it were a painting itself, or a film set created to look like the centre of New York. But it is not only urban landscapes that capture Assaf Frank’s imagination.


Assaf creates wonderful shapes and colour from nature. His collection of tree portraits is varied and eye-catching. The shards of light emanating from the old oak tree in Breaking Through show that this photographic artist is at home in all settings and can make use of natural light in a powerful way. Assaf’s technical knowledge also plays a huge part in his work. Beyond simple colour saturation and sharpening, Assaf uses colour to give his images a sense of mystery and wonder. The Misty Tree series employs the use of single colour to bring out elements in the image that are perhaps not easily perceptible, and the range of colours could be likened to latter day Pop Art if hung in a series. Not content with merely a beautifully photographed image, Assaf is creating abstract art through use of colour and post-production techniques.


Assaf’s art is sold and exhibited the world over, and it is easy to see why, his eye for composition, timing and post-production skills have given rise to a well rounded artist who is able to turn his lens to most things. From small framed prints, to larger canvas prints, there may well be something which catches your eye and at a price that is equally eye-catching.

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