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Catherine Stephenson

A native of North Yorkshire, Catherine Stephenson picked up a paintbrush at a young age, and has been a professional watercolourist for over twenty years. During that time, Catherine has been inspired by the countryside around her, with landscapes and floral compositions showing a wide breadth of both style and empathy with her subjects. Catherine is also inspired by architecture and is able to use different techniques to create a wide range of pieces that would appeal to different art lovers. Her artwork and prints are both exhibited and sold internationally, and it is easy to see why her artwork is so popular.
The majority of Catherine Stephenson’s work is inspired by floral subjects, focussing on specific types of flowers painted with natural flair and an eye for the use of both colour and detail. Catherine is also inspired by the context in which she finds her subjects such as seasonality, and light. As a result, the impact of her work is hugely varied from the ethereal Floral Dream to the powerful almost abstract strokes of Summer Iris. It is this ability to include fantastic detail with colour and texture allows Catherine to produce work in different sizes and formats. Oversize unframed canvases convey the sense of being in the painting, where small delicate pieces such as the Floral Spring series nestle in small frames. There are also examples of mixed media, with beautifully printed mounts and embellished glass giving added depth to some of Catherine’s pieces. Her palette is varied and there is as much depth on her monochrome work as in her full colour compositions.
The extent of Catherine Stephenson’s stylistic and technical ability is shown in her different treatment of subjects. Her Coastal Town series takes scenes from Whitby on the coast of Yorkshire and presents them with bold lines and colour recalling both Seurat and Picasso. The abstract bold nature of these pieces contrast with her treatment of her floral panels. Catherine is always finding new inspiration and has recently combined the architectural with the floral using wallpaper and textile designs as inspiration and home interiors as a setting.

Despite having sold work across the globe, Catherine Stephenson’s work is readily available to suit all budgets and would hang as comfortably in a modern town house as a country residence anywhere in the world. Browse through her extensive collection and see which one catches your eye.

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